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About me

Hello, my name is Rohith!

I am a college student looking to start a career in information technology and business.

Cryptocurrencies are my specialty. I have used virtual coins for over 6 years and built three different computer arrays to produce those coins.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart and I know I’ll start a real business soon. So I decided to start some side businesses during college to discover what I want to do, and increase my value.

I can do much, much more than just ‘coding’ or ‘programming’. In fact, I taught myself IT services, hardware, and networking in high school. Nowadays I’m learning business, finance and economics.

I believe my software development talent is useless without background knowledge in the real business environment.


My current venture is to develop and launch a hardware device that can remotely reboot servers. It’ll be designed for crypto mining server farms in particular.

I and my business partner, also from my university, are currently programming the software application behind our product. It handles distributed data from up to thousands of nodes and allows the user to manage an entire server array.


Growing up in the area next to Princeton University, I’ve always believed education is very important. Not the kind of learning that involves sitting in a chair and trying to get everything correct, but the type of education where making mistakes is encouraged and risk-taking is rewarded.

That’s why I got started in the IT field at a young age. Not only did I gain hard knowledge, but my side ventures and projects were an important part of my social life.

This is how I learned to talk to people, negotiate deals, sell myself and communicate clearly. Ironically, the field that everybody views as ‘anti-social’ helped me socialize!


Aside from technology, I enjoy researching and discussing business, politics, technology and science with my friends at college.

I like building things by hand and I enjoy any work related to that.