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Cryptocurrency mining farm v2.0

It was finally time to turn my coin minting hobby into a real business, or at least try to do it.

We first leased a commercial warehouse in <censored> with 450 kW of power capacity and 6200 square feet:



… then we deployed our existing collection of 100 video cards worth of mining rigs:



And managed to gather 100 more GPUs of new investors before the Bitcoin price went into a depression. In total, we raised $100k of investment and were very close to getting $300k+.

Procuring all the equipment was a big logistics challenge, but luckily, we had a connection to a distributor who was able to get us the GPUs we needed quickly.



The business went bankrupt by the time the spring was over, both due to the market crashing and some unwise decisions we made. But at least this was a valuable learning experience!

Not many kids my age can say they ‘built their own datacenter’.