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Cryptocurrency mining farm v1.0

November 2017: GPU coin mining farm 1.0

My first attempt at building my own micro datacenter in the summer wasn’t perfect. I ended up overloading power circuits, overheating the air, overheating the mining equipment and killing 2 video cards. However, I learned a lot of lessons during that period.

  1. People only buy the newer Radeon RX 4xx generation of GPUs for a good reason: power efficiency.
  2. The 2x better efficiency was worth paying $300 instead of $200!
  3. Less heat generation = more video cards = more profit!
  4. Don’t resort to crazy ventilation ideas. You could burn the house down.
  5. Pay more for higher-quality components. You don’t want the power supply to explode…

Here’s what my crazy semi-laboratory/semi-mining farm looked like:


I ended up having to dismantle the servers and replace them with newer equipment in August.

After some generous investments from my friends, I was able to double the size of the server farm from 20 GPUs to 40 GPUs by the time Thanksgiving came:


Mining farm 2.0


It ended up heating the house very well, in addition to printing money out of thin air. The only issue was that at a rate of 16.5¢/kWh, the power bill was $1200 a month for the next 3 months.

This was an important learning experience for starting mining farm v2.0 in just a month…